Me attempting to be sexy

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Hey guys! Want a quick fat burning routine? Try this!

1. Skaters x 12 floor touches
2. Tricep dip n touch x 12 dips
3. Bunny hop air jacks x 12 combos
4. Push-up twist x 12 push-ups
Do this 4x through as quickly as you can without resting! You will be sweating!! Now tag a friend to challenge them for time!

go talk to ya other hoes

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hardtoearn lmao!

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I love my baby, yup! yup! I love my babe


"I’m broke."


"I have some funds that I irresponsibly spend on things that I want, but this isn’t one of those things and therefore I don’t feel like spending my money on it."


How Hood “Pranks” finna end in the next few months(x)


2 cute 4 u



if i as a retail worker have to work with a dozen cameras pointed at me to deter me from stealing $10, cops should have to work with a camera pointed at them to deter them from arbitrarily maiming and killing people



Open a book in the open air: 8 outdoor libraries and bookstores
These places make discovering your next read an adventure.